Winery Biskupović

Winery Biskupović

The tradition of dealing with winemaking in the Biskupović family dates from the thirties of the last century, when his elders raised about 3000 grapevine vines, some of them on the hill, some in the field, and since then, the Biskupović family did not forget the bread from the stone and the peasant moe that raised them.

Nowadays, spouses Jozo and Ana Biskupović are known for their gray and black pinot counts of over 8,000 vines, and for years on their estate they have been successfully producing healthy food and dealing with eco-tourism by restoring old stone and building new homes on their estate, eco- ethno village on the plateau of Kreševo Brdo, at the foot of the northern side of Kreševnica Brdo. In their exclusive facilities suitable for rural tourism during the tourist season in recent years there are groups of guests, especially in the summer and autumn. Family Biskupović known for their diligence, produces over 12,000 liters of gray pinot per year.

Homemade food and top quality wines guarantee that everyone will be satisfied, even the most demanding gastronomic taste by justifying the saying "Food as it once was".

OPG Biskupović (Jozo Biskupović)
Kreševo brdo, Kreševo

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